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I am a facilitator in helping self healing in face to face and phone sessions. Each healing is unique and tailored to the individual person. Healing is based on the idea that, although we have a physical form, this is a manifestation of our energy body and spiritual self.  Our aura and chakra system can hold issues from past lives, thought forms, attachments and general negative energy that I may sense and see, then release and clear with the involvement of the client.

When we are ill or just feeling tired or run down, it is because the natural flow of energy into and around the body is disrupted because of these blocking agents. Dis-ease is a message from our higher self to release old outmoded issues, emotions and ideas and move to a more positive state of mind and body.  Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, which helps restore the energy flow, relax the body and encourage self-repair.

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