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This can be an empowering and healing experience; being lead through the focus of visualisation and relaxation techniques to retrieve and view our past lives.  It can help develop self awareness and expand awareness. It can also help heal the body, relationships, blocked emotions, fears, phobias, symptoms, behaviours and attitudes.

It is a safe, natural state of mind, a state we experience just before we go to sleep and just as we wake up.

I have completed further training with internationally known Past Life Therapist and author, Dolores Cannon. I use her method she has developed over the last 30 years which incorporates bringing the subconscious forward after viewing the past life to bring further insight and self healing. This is an amazing experience for my clients to hear themselves talking with incredible wisdom in the third person about themselves as they listen to their cd of the session. I always ask clients to bring a list of questions to ask their subconscious.

Also past lives is only part of it, some clients have experienced lives in other dimensions, realities and even other planets. The experience is the start of an understanding that we may be eternal and have a wonderful, knowledgeable, higher self consciousness that is always helping us.

Many clients leave feeling calm and at peace with an awareness of further aspects of themselves to give them confidence and empowerment along their path.  

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